Welcome to Poplar Ridge School! Our staff members are all excited to meet you and spend time learning with you during the 2020- 2021 school year. At this time of the year, our school typically hosts a "Welcome to Kindergarten" information session for parents. Due to this year's unique circumstances, we have recorded a video of Mrs. Warder (Miss Crook), our Kindergarten teacher for next year, presenting our Welcome to Kindergarten information. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Warder at

Our Virtual Orientation includes:

  1. the video entitled "PRS Kindergarten 2020 2021 Virtual Orientation". Please open up this video and enjoy learning about Kindergarten with Mrs. Warder. 

  2. the "Welcome to Kindergarten Slideshow” that Mrs. Warder is presenting in the video. Please refer back to this slideshow for the important information as you need to. 

  3. the "All About Me" document. Please print this and help your child fill it out and invite your child to colour it as well! Please scan/take a pic and send this back to Mrs. Warder, or bring it with you to school in September.

  4. link to volunteer documents:This link will take you to our parent volunteer section on the Poplar Ridge School website where you will find all four documents mentioned in the slideshow/video required to volunteer in the school. 

  5. link to school supplies