Student Drop-off and Pickup

Student's Dropped off and Picked up by Parents

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Parent Morning Drop Off - 8:30 to 8:40 am

(Staff supervision does not start until 8:30 am. Please don’t drop off before that time)

Parent Afternoon Pick Up - 3:05 to 3:15 pm

Parents are to remain in their vehicles for drop off and pick up.  Please proceed to the unload/loading zone (see picture below). Our pick up and drop off will look similar to how it works at the airport.  Parents will need to park in the blue zone.  If there are no spots in the que (blue zone) you can cycle through the parking lot or park and wait for a supervisor to signal you into the que.  Once you have a spot, your child will enter your vehicle from the sidewalk.  You will then merge into traffic and exit the parking lot.

Wait for a staff member to load your child. There will be more spots once buses leave. We will let you know when to move forward and when to leave the loading zone. Always shoulder check and yield to the busses.